• BTC Community

    BTC Community is a mutual fund based on the principle of Community Mining.

    It is powered by Bitcoin, a digital crypto- currency with an open source code.

    All transactional processes are open to public scrutiny and inspection. Since all transactions are carried out using Bitcoins they can be verified at the Bitcoin Blockchain (

    The fund functions on preset algorithms; processes cannot be controlled by third parties or even by its developers. Similar to Bitcoin network which is sustained by the miners (authentication and transaction confirmations) the fund is based on community mining which depends on the participant contributions. The whole process is cyclic; contributions are to be made continuously according to the activation rules.

    Participant contributions are periodic and repetitive till each one cycles out. On cycling out the participant receives the total amount of the contributed Bitcoins plus the respective average yield earned.

    BTC Community is the great opportunity for Bitcoin owners to invest and make their capital grow in a highly secured environment.

    • Powered by Bitcoin, the first Crypto-currency in the history of mankind.
    • Absolute Anonymity of Participants.
    • Limited Third party interference and control.
    • BTC Life works on Preset Algorithms.
    • No individual or organization has direct control.
    • All participants are arranged in a single queue according to registration and activation timestamp (Bitcoin transaction timestamp).
    • Absolute transparency since all transactions can be monitored and observed at the Bitcoin Blockchain (
    • No time limits to cycling out.
    • 24X 7 transaction operations.
    • High tech programming for linkup between the BTC Life Database and Bitcoin Network (Advanced call back and Webhook technology).
    • Exhaustive statistics of BTC Life operations available for public scrutiny and inspection.
    • Every participant can observe every other participant’s transactions and vice versa at the Bitcoin Blockchain (
    • All transactions done within the BTC Life database have records in the Bitcoin Blockchain.
    • No login to the BTC Life Database.
    • BTC Life is neither a payment gateway nor a facilitator and doesn’t store any Bitcoins. All transactions are made between participant’s Bitcoin wallets within the mutual fund.
  • Registration

    Registration is absolutely free of cost (See Registration instructions for complete details).

    Upon successful registration participants will receive the following information in their registered email address :

    Unique User Code (UUC).

    Unique User Referral link (UURL).

    Unique User Code (UUC) and Unique User Referral Link (UURL) can be used to identify a sponsor (See Referral for complete details).

  • Queue

    All participants are arranged in a single queue which is organized by Registration and Activation- Deactivation timestamp of each individual participant.

    Contributions to the fund are credited to the BTC wallet of the participant at the top of the queue. Accumulation is done at the mutual fund BTC wallet till the balance is equal to the sum of contributed Bitcoin and the respective average yield on the participant’s contribution.

    On successful accumulation, the mutual fund BTC wallet credits the sum to the Participant's wallet at the top of the queue. The participant then cycles out and is placed at the bottom. The next participant then takes the position at the top and awaits the completion of the next accumulation order.

    This process is cyclic and continuous.

    On cycling out participants receive the sum of the total contributed Bitcoins and the average yield earned on it.

    Consider the following example:

  • Activation and Auto Activation

    The act of making periodic contributions to the mutual fund is called Activation.

    Activation lowest limit 30$

    Activation Highest limit 1000$

    Activation Max allowed1000$

    Participants are free to choose any amount within the activation limits.

    Direct activation of 1000$ above is Not possible however one has to generate another multiple ids and keep doing activation as per rule. If failed to do although ids not be deactivate in any case but wont move up in queue, when new id reflected the said id start moving up in queue and subsequently cycleout..

    The activations have to be made according to the Activation Rooms.

    Each participant is allocated a Unique User Wallet Address (UUWA) all activations are to be made to this address only.

    on cycle out participants be auto activate from its payout earning then he /she be continue with his reactivation process with time.

  • Activation Room

    The Time line is comprised of 3 different Activation Room.

    All activations are made according to the below referred activation Room which are associated with a corresponding yield.


    Room TIME LIMIT(DAYS) Time Limit % YIELD %
    Room A 0-5 12.5 30
    Room B 6 12.5 25
    Room C 7 12.5 20

    All Activations made After 7 Days are Invalid.

    For instance, if you make an Activation in Room A (0-1 days) the respective yield will be 30%, and so on.

    Who failed to activate ids with in given time be placed in Dark Room.

  • Average Yield

    Average yield is the sum of all yields divided by the number of activations made till date.

    The following table explains how average yield is calculated for four consecutive activations:

    1 33 0-5 30 30
    2 33 6 25 (30+25)/2 = 27.5
    3 25 7 20 (30+25+20)/3 = 25

    Final Average Yield is 25.00 %

    For best results it is advised that all activations be made in Room A.


    Forecast is an indication of the sum of the calculated average yield earned and the total contributed Bitcoin. It variates as the participant moves up the queue.

  • Invalid Activations

    Activations are considered invalid if made under the following circumstances:

    Time Protocol Breach (TPB) Activations made in ROOM D will be refused by Time Protocol Breach (TPB).

    Amount Protocol Breach (APB) Activations lower than 30$ or higher than 1000$, will be refused by Amount Protocol Breach (APB)

    No refund on invalid activations. so proper activations has to be done by paying proper activation fee

  • Deactivation & IMAGE

    Participants who fail to make activations according to the activations rooms are deactivated and moved out of the queue.The contributed amount will be placed at the Dark Room area. Deactivated participants can re-enter the queue anytime by making a re-activation.