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  • What is Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is the first crypto-currency in the history of mankind.

    Concept introduced in the year 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Whether, Satoshi Nakamoto is a real name or a pseudonym of an individual or is it a group? Nobody knows. The search still goes on.

    Bitcoin is a digital currency with an open source code as well as an online payment system.

  • Registration Fee Free .
  • Activation Fee Will Be Between 30$ AND 1000$ .
  • Max Activation Be Of 1000$ After That One Has To Genrate New ID To Keep Moving In Queue Otherwise Its ID Be Placed Below.
  • System Will Be Send Payment To Users After Accumulation Of Matching Commission Amount, Greater Or Equal To 0.002 BTC.
  • If Any User Do Not Click On Confirm Button On Payment , Then They Can Verify Their Payment Using A Payment Verification Link.
  • Activation And Invalid Btc Wallet Address Payment If Done Are Non Refundable .

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Bitcoins are not produced like regular currencies in mints but are mined like gold. Mining of Bitcoins will increase in the year 2140. Only 21 million Bitcoins will ever be created. Bitcoin is finite like gold.

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